How to pick a lock

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Lockpicking can be an extremely useful skill to acquire. Most people find themselves locked outside their home or apartment at one point in their life, and knowing how to pick a lock for themselves could save them a lot of hassle and trouble. It is worth noting that while the theory behind lockpicking most locks is simple, it still takes a lot of practice to get proficient in it. In order to know how to pick a lock it is useful to first get a basic idea of how locks work, I will delve into one of the most classic and common lock types, the “Pin-Tumbler” Lock.

Pin-Tumbler basic mechanics

The pin tumbler lock is equipped with a series of spring loaded pins that are stacked on top of eachother. Once you insert the key into the keyhole, the bottom pins push the top pins upwards. If the proper key is inserted the pins line up with the shear line and the key can rotate, unlocking the door. Understanding this is the “key” to understanding how to pick any pin-tumbler lock.


Purchase a Lockpicking set

The first step to lockpicking is acquiring the proper tools. Anyone can purchase a lockpicking set online and begin practicing their skills today. A standard lock picking set will come with tools to perform single pin picking, raking lock picking, and a tool which allows you to exert torque on the lock while picking it so that you can turn the keyhole after it is picked .


Single Pin Picking

This method involves the most skill and practice in order to become proficient. It is done by lining up each pin individually with the shear line. Once every individual pin has been successfully lined up with the shear line, the keyhole can be freely rotated, and walla, you have officially gained entry to your home.  The single pin picking method is  an accurate method that can gain you entry to even high security locks if you become proficient in it.


Raking method


The raking method utilizes a lock picking tool whose goal it is to move multiple pins at once.This method is a quicker “brute force” method to gain entry into your home. These tools have grooves that simulate the teeth of the key, they are then quickly pushed in and out of the door knob while torque is exerted clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the lock. Once this is done in just the right way the pins aline and the doorknob twists.



Lockpicking can be an extremely useful skill to learn how to do. Unfortunately, becoming proficient in it takes many hours. If you wish to invest in the time and money to learn how to do this you can purchase your own lock picking set. However, if this does not seem like it is worth the trouble, or you ever find yourself in a situation when you do not have your tools on you and you are locked outside of your home, then you can always call your trusted local locksmith to help you go about your day.




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